lots of change, but always knitting

Whoa! It’s been a minute since I’ve posted, hey? Almost half a year! Needless to say, much has happened in the last five months, and I’m finally sitting down to muse about it.

I started the year feeling really out of sorts, and got every health test done in the books. My mystery illness ended up being a virus presenting as mono and adrenal fatigue, so I loaded up with more vitamins that I can count and I’ve been feeling much better in the last two months. In April, I started a part time job at my LYS - Black Mountain Yarn Shop. I mean, what could be better than being around yarn and yarn-loving friends all day? I’ll be honest, my introverted, work-at-home self has had quite the time adjusting (energy) with the new addition, but I love it just the same. And finally, just last week, my yoga studio of several years closed down with very little warning. I’ve been attempting home practices and other avenues of yoga, but haven’t landed on anything fitting just yet.

I’m recognizing that it’s a life season of quite a bit of change, and I’m still finding my way. But one thing that has most certainly been threaded through the daily, keeping me sane and inspired? You guessed it, knitting.

In the first couple of months of 2019, I was able to finish the couple of projects that I carried over from 2018. Most of them deserve their very own post, but here are the highlights of finished objects I’ve amassed this year so far.

  • Raina shawl by Andrea Mowry - my first shawl incorporating brioche. It took forever, but it is so squishy and beautiful that it is worth it!

  • Panjereh Sweater by Christina Danaee - a crop tee that I test knit and finally got a chance to wear on our quick FL trip to escape winter!

  • Northern Loop Cowl by Tante Ehm - which I haven’t even photographed yet, but I can officially say that this project that I had on my needles for a year is bound off, blocked and ready to wear!

  • Underwing Mitts by Erica Heusser - My bestie in FL had asked Santa for some Underwing Mitts, but Santa’s head knitting elf (me) was under the weather at the time, so I knit away on them and got them to her as a belated Christmas, pre-birthday present.

  • The Doodler Shawl by Stephen West - In a last minute decision to visit Black Mountain Yarn Shop for their 9th anniversary party with Stephen West, I rushed to knit The Doodler, and fell instantly in love with Stephen and his patterns.

  • Peaceable Mitts by Erica Heusser - we had an amazing cat sitter (turned wonderful friend) who mentioned a love of elephants, so I had to knit her a pair in gratitude for her care of our kittos and home.

  • Rug sweater by Junko Okamoto - when I saw IG friends Casey (@premknits) and Christine (@sere_k_nity) knitting this cozy blanket of a winter sweater I had to follow suit. It has been a beloved winter sweater for humans and kittos alike.

  • Humulus Sweater by Isabell Kraemer - time between cast on and bind off: 9 days. In my fastest sweater knit yet, I discovered incredible construction, fun and ease in the Humulus.

  • Shai Tunic by Jerusha Neely for Quince & Co - my first ever project knitting with linen, and while I wasn’t keen on it (finding it difficult to knit with and sloppy looking), I’ve since blocked, worn and fallen in love with it. (I’m even making another as a present for my mama!)

  • Tincture Hat by Andrea Mowry - I made this hat on a whim over Memorial Day Weekend as part of the Shiftalong KAL. I used some yarn that I had in my stash and tried my hand at mosaic knitting. ‘Twas quite fun, I must say!

That list just equally gave me a ‘whoa, that’s a lot’ and ‘really, that’s all I’ve done?’ feeling at the exact same time.

I’ve got a pair of socks and a sweater on the needles, and a wrap that is working up like a blanket that I’m seriously debating frogging. My queue is growing by the day, and if I actually sit down with my stash, I bet I have at least three complete project’s worth of fiber that I can get going at any moment that cast-on-itis strikes. (Which, let’s be honest, is always.)

Which brings me to a really interesting idea I’ve been juggling around in my brain for a couple of weeks. What if, for the remainder of the year, I look to my stash for inspo and make the pledge to knit from it! Revolutionary, I know. I wouldn’t be able to only knit from my stash for the remainder of the year since I never buy enough of any one yarn for a complete project. But, if I vow to use at least one yarn from my stash, and buy only what’s needed to complete a project, I think I could make a serious dent in my lovely treasure trove of curated fibers from over the years (aka my stash).

I’m kinda excited about it, let the stash planning begin! (I will have to come up with a clever name for this experiment - if you’ve got any ideas let me know!) Have you ever made a pledge to knit only from your stash or your stash plus? Is it super challenging or super liberating? I’d love to hear your experiences with your experiments!

I’ll be back to report soon :)