february challenge


It’s February! Woo! My excitement for February stems in part from the fact that fewer days of winter remain. (You too?) Sure, ol’ Punxsatawney Phil saw his shadow, so I guess we can expect some more cold weather and snow before it’s all said and done. But hopefully winter will pass more quickly because I am working my creative muscle even harder this month.

How am I pumping the iron of artistry even more, you ask? Well, on February 1st, a #yarnlovechallenge started on Instagram. (Are you in?) I will admit, I only discovered what a yarn love challenge was on January 30th, but I decided it was worth a try, and so here we are on day three. Basically, to participate in the yarn love challenge, you just grab a ball of yarn each day, tell it you love it, and give it a nice squeeze of affection. I’m adding some reps of bicep curls with the yarn to get some extra benefit, but that’s really it! (No, that’s totally not it at all, actually. If you started to think I’d lost my mind I wouldn’t blame you!)

Here’s the real scoop. For each day of February, @yarnlovechallenge invites yarn lovers everywhere to share a yarn/craft-related interpretation of a preset list of words. It’s a definite ‘think outside the box’ challenge. For instance, day two’s word was ‘volume.’ How does volume relate to yarn? I considered showing either the music I listen to whilst knitting or the amount of yarn I have currently in my stash, which each represent a different interpretation of the word ‘volume.’ But in the end, I decided to focus my post on the ‘loud’ colors I gravitate toward, because here’s the thing…

For each day of the yarn love challenge, I am going to attempt to incorporate an aspect of yoga. (Talk about upping the ante!) My whole philosophy is that ’stitching’ and ‘stretching’ have a lot more in common than meets the eye. This challenge is the perfect way for me to reflect and share the multi-faceted connections. So yes, on day two, I matched yarn in my stash to my loudly colored yoga pants, and equally represented my affinity for bright colors. 

I’ve already started writing down correlations for other words in the yarn challenge list, so I’m not scrambling everyday to whip up an idea. The plan is to get some pictures together ahead of time, so I stay true to posting everyday. (A difficulty for me!) Here’s the preset list (sans my correlations): 


Day 1: Intro/oops
Day 2: Volume
Day 3: Soothing
Day 4: Snack
Day 5: Style
Day 6: Colorwork
Day 7: Designer
Day 8: Prep
Day 9: View
Day 10: Novelty
Day 11: Smell
Day 12: Worn
Day 13: Publication
Day 14: Yarn Love
Day 15: Cheer
Day 16: Join
Day 17: Ink
Day 18: Art
Day 19: Notebook
Day 20: Swatch
Day 21: Multiples
Day 22: Bag
Day 23: Mend
Day 24: LYS
Day 25: International
Day 26: Embellish
Day 27: Fit
Day 28: Confession

Will I succeed in representing both stitch and stretch each time? Will I actually get around to posting every single day? (Thank goodness February only has 28 days!) Seeing as how I just proclaimed my intention and involvement for this challenge, I hope the answer to both of these questions is ‘yes!’ I’ll definitely report back, and maybe even share my favorite pictures/interpretations from the challenge. You can always follow along with me on Instagram @stitchandstretch, or check the Instagram feed here on the blog to see how creative I get! 

Are you participating in the February yarn love challenge too? Let me know! What a fun way to creatively think outside the box, right?