I’m an old soul…

At least that’s what a shaman told me in Peru when I was traveling in my 20s. He told me he could see that I’ve lived many past lives, among them a medicine woman, a condor, and a ‘bad ass’ (his words, not mine). At the time, it was insight that I gobbled up. I was on a soul search, and to discover that I had ‘been here, done this’ many times in different form gave me a sense of peace. Sure, I’d go on to travel the globe some more, change my mind a lot, and continually re-shape who I wanted to be in this lifetime, but I did it with a little more familarity and a little less fear.

I did things like: move to Australia to settle down ‘forever,’ only to last a year; bungee jump in New Zealand despite being ridiculously afraid of heights; fly to Africa to join a small group on a 30-day camping trip, having never truly camped before; embark on a 5-week trip around Southeast Asia to explore Buddhism first hand, not speaking a word of the language; perform SCUBA research in the Maldives as a volunteer scientist; and travel to India to discover the roots of my immense passion, yoga.

And then something miraculous happened. I settled down. Like way down. I fell in love, got married, bought a house, rescued two kitties and took up knitting.

Honestly? My dream is to do work that unites me with the world, while at the same time allowing me to thrive in my introverted ways. I want to be creative everyday, and not shy away from my genuinely quirky self. And so, I started this wee blog.

Writing posts is my opportunity to explore not only the thread between my two favorite hobbies, stitching and stretching, but also to share some reflections as well. In these lines, you’ll find ponderings about the experiences we all have as humans - those that shape and change us - be they wonderful, or challenging - along with things like DIY's and some practice pose posts. Essentially, I’ll be musing about life under the guise of stitching and stretching, of course.

Some people call me a grandma (which I am totally okay with and even take as a compliment, since my grandmas were amazing), but truly I’m just an old soul. What about you?

A couple more things about me...

I live in the Appalachian Mountains with my hub, Dylan, and our kittos, Luna & Takk • I have a 500hr yoga teacher certification • I hear puns when people speak about 90% of the time • I prefer even numbers, but I'll include anything that ends in a '5' to that partiality • I eat a ridiculous amount of almond butter each week • I always want to try to make something before buying it - sometimes it works out great, other times, not so much • I believe in the power of intention and gratitude • I am surrounded by loving, inspiring people • I am excited for you to be here!