Hi there! 

These pages are where I untangle ideas (and balls of yarn!) that have been floating around my brain and draw parallels between two of my favorite hobbies - stitching and stretching. Let's connect some dots by exploring the thread! 

Here's the scoop about how this blog came to be...

For the last decade, I have been searching for soul work - my passion project - the 'thing' that would fulfill me in unimaginable ways. I dreamed about finding work that would unite me with the world, while allowing me to thrive in my introverted ways. I intended to discover a project that would call upon my creativity, and also allow me to be my genuine, quirky self. I searched the world high and low, yet I didn't land on 'it.' I even journeyed to the depths of my soul, but the message didn't come. As the years went by, I started to question whether or not soul work was in the cards for me. Until now. 

I know what you're thinking - blogging is soul work? For me, right now, it is. This is my opportunity to explore not only the thread between my two favorite hobbies, stitching and stretching, but also to share some life reflections as well. In my twenties, I thought about writing a book that was called, "We're All in This Together - So Grab an Oar and Start Paddling." (Kind of a mouthful, right?!) But basically, the thought was to write about the experiences we all have as humans - those that shape and change us - be they wonderful, or challenging. So while there are some DIY's on the blog, and some practice pose posts, there is also a fair share of musing about life (under the guise of stitching and stretching, of course).

A couple more things about me...

I live in the Appalachian Mountains with my hub, Dylan, and our kitty, Takk • I have a 500hr yoga teacher certification • I hear puns when people speak about 90% of the time • I prefer even numbers, but I'll include anything that ends in a '5' to that partiality • I eat a ridiculous amount of almond butter each week • I always want to try to make something before buying it - sometimes it works out great, other times, not so much • I believe in the power of intention and gratitude • I am surrounded by loving, inspiring people • I am excited for you to be here!